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Canadian mortgage and Real Estate services for people living or buying in Costa Rica

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Unlock Your Dream Home in Costa Rica: Mortgages for Foreigners
Welcome to Blue Butterfly Mortgage Solutions, your trusted partner in making Costa Rica your home.
I am Kiki - your personal Cana-Coco girlie. Been living and traveling in Costa Rica for the past 7 years. My time is split between my office here in Vancouver, BC, and Playa Del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Are you a foreigner looking to invest in Costa Rican real estate and make the Pura Vida lifestyle your own?
Our expert team is here to guide you through the process of obtaining a mortgage tailored to meet the unique needs of expatriates like you.
Mortgages Tailored for You:
We understand the challenges faced by foreigners navigating the Costa Rican real estate market. That's why we offer specialized mortgage solutions designed to simplify the process and turn your dream of homeownership or refinancing into a reality.
  • Commercial Loans
We can do it!
Our services include:
  1. Personalized Guidance:
    • A dedicated team of experts to guide you through every step.
    • Assistance in understanding local regulations and requirements.
    • We package the mortgage deal, we work with the Bank on your behalf. It's a "who you know" here that gets mortgages approved. 
  2. Competitive Interest Rates:
    • Access to very competitive mortgage rates tailored to suit foreign investors.
    • Transparent and straightforward terms.
  3. Flexible Repayment Options:
    • Customizable repayment plans to align with your financial goals.
    • Options for fixed or variable interest rates.
  4. Bilingual Support:
    • Communication in the Spanish language to eliminate language barriers with the Banks
    • Assistance in navigating legal and financial documents and setup of the mortgage.
How It Works:
  1. Consultation:
    • Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your homeownership goals and financial situation. CLICK THE MESSAGE BUTTON IN THE RIGHT CORNER!
  2. Pre-Approval:
    • Complete a simple pre-approval process to determine your borrowing capacity.
  3. Property Search (if you are buying):
    • Begin your property search with confidence, armed with your pre-approval details.
  4. Application and Approval:
    • Submit your mortgage application with our assistance, and we'll guide you through the approval process. In Costa Rica there are many documents you will need and the package we submit speeds up the approval process with the Banks. Most Common Banks are MuCAP, Banco Lafise and Scotia.
      Do it on your own - 6 months to approval. Do it with us - 2 months!
  5. Closing and Beyond:
    • Assist with finding a Lawyer and closing day with your Realtor
    • Post-closing support to ensure a smooth transition into your new home.
There are no consultation costs. Fees are only paid when the file is in process.
Fees to expect:​
  • Appraisal from Bank - $2400 US​. Do NOT order your own appraisal. It won't be accepted.
  • Legal Fees - $2000 if you are refinancing / nothing if buying "usually".
  • Refinancing Fee - $695 Administration fee, mortgage premium "insurance" - about 6% of loan.
    Example: $100k US refinance loan - total fees and costs - $16k. It's NOT cheap. 

Why Choose Me

  • Experience:

    • I have 7 years has a proven track record of assisting foreigners in securing mortgages in Costa Rica. I also live in Playa Del Coco and have many connections all over the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

    • I have 17 years of licensed mortgage planning in Canada. I get loans APPROVED!

  • Local Expertise:

    • Our team combines local market knowledge with international experience, providing you with a comprehensive perspective.

  • Client-Centric Approach:

    • We prioritize your needs and work towards delivering a seamless experience from consultation to closing.

  • Transparent Communication:

    • We believe in transparent and open communication, ensuring you are well-informed at every stage.

Ready to take the first step towards your dream home in Costa Rica? Contact me today for a personalized consultation. Embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle with confidence!

Pura Vida 



I have very personal connections with some of the BEST Realtors here in Costa Rica that are LICENSED and available to assist. Please reach out to one of these REPUTABLE and Licensed Realtors.


Kiki Berg,
Professional and Licensed Mortgage Broker for Canada


WhatsAPP me or email me.

16 years experience and MANY Happy clients owning property here in Costa Rica

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