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Canadian mortgage and Real Estate services for people living or buying in Costa Rica

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Are you a Canadian living or wanting to purchase here in beautiful Costa Rica?

I have 17 years in mortgage financing and have lived and traveled much of Costa Rica for the past 7 years.


  • Looking for a Canadian Mortgage Broker that can work with you in Costa Rica? 

  • Buying in Costa Rica?

  • Refinancing in Canada?

I own a property here in Playa Del Coco. I have traveled extensively through MOST regions in Costa Rica to give advice on buying ideas, climate, areas suited for you, and REALTORS to use...and travel advice too!

  1. No need to spend expensive hours on the phone with your BANK or waiting days for emails.

  2. Options for your mortgage renewal instead of just “signing” what the Bank gives you as rate options

  3. Accessing your Canadian Property equity to buy a home in Costa Rica and how to do it at a low cost.

  4. There is NO FEE to use me unless it is a private or commercial mortgage.  Bank in Canada pay my fees!

I can assist for all your Canadian Mortgage needs!


  1. ONLINE or in person meetings, local WhatsAPP, or in person if you are within the Guanacaste region.

  2. Can assist with getting documents online and that are required to qualify and complete online efficiently

  3. Can work with your Bank directly and local lawyers to assist in your closing for purchases while not leaving Costa Rica.

  4. Have access to PRIVATE mortgages - 1% broker for most of these loans / mortgage rates vary

What options are there for financing homes in Costa Rica? READ THIS BEFORE YOU EMAIL ME...

The cheapest option is to refinance your home in Canada and pay in Cash. 

There is limited Bank financing for non-residents in Costa Rica. It's generally CASH or Seller Financing.

If you have a home in Canada with a significant amount of equity you can:

  1. Keep your existing mortgage and ADD a Secured Line of Credit

  2. Move to a full Home Equity Line of Credit program such as the Manulife One, Optimum Homeworks, or Scotia Step, other many others depending on the qualifying

  3. Access a private cheap 2nd mortgage via private lending in Canada

  4. OR, many sellers here will do Vendor Take Back Mortgages with 35-50% down payment.
    Definitely negotiable with the RIGHT REALTOR here in Costa Rica.


There are a few financing options in Costa Rica, generally, unless you find "Owner Financing". Usually, this might look like 50% downpayment and then 9%-12% on the financed side for 3-5 years.

Bank Options

Financing In Costa Rica With LAFISE -

Financing options for foreigners were always very limited in Costa Rica but now Banco LAFISE  is making mortgage loans available for USA and Canadian citizens. Loan availability will now make buying your dream home in paradise a possibility!

Currently, LAFISE has conditions for mortgage loans for home purchases, lot purchase, construction on own lot and transfer of mortgages or the purchase of a current mortgage in another bank. The maximum term is 30 years for a house or condo, and 15 years for a lot.

Now let’s talk about the requirements for USA and Canadian citizens interested in getting a mortgage loan through Banco LAFISE.

  • Copy of passport

  • Income tax of the last 3 years

  • 6 months of statements and certification of income by public accountant (required for self-employed)

  • Last 4 pay stubs with salary constance and 3 months of statements (required for salaried employee)

  • 3 credit references or score (for example: Equifax, TransUnion, Credit Solutions, Karma Credit, Borrowell, Experian, etc.)

  • KYC form, credit application form, and SUGEF form, all must be completed by the client and signed

  • Proof of pension (required in case of being pensioned)

  • Value of the property you wish to acquire

  • Contract of purchase and sale or reservation


LAFISE requires each client requesting a loan to have a life insurance policy with LAFISE. In the case that a client has a preexisting life insurance policy, that policy can be used as long as LAFISE is named the beneficiary. 

The interest rate in dollars today is 6.75% fixed for 2 years and from the 3rd year the rate is variable with a TRI-merge credit report of 12 months + 4%. Depending on the property, LAFISE can lend from 50% to 80% of the value of the property according to the appraisal.

If the property is near a beach (for example located in Playas del Coco or Playa Hermosa) the client needs to put a 30% premium. However if the value of the condo or house is high the client may need to put up to a 40% or 50% premium. Also if the property will be used as a rental or vacation home, the premium starts at 35% or higher depending on the value and location of the property.

If the property is far from a beach, such as a city like Liberia, the premium can start as low as 20% but if the value of the condo or home is high, LAFISE will require a higher premium percentage.  Each individual case is different.


LAFISE has an office in Miami, Florida, which is in charge of reviewing these documents. These documents can be submitted digitally to a loan agent who will carry out  a credit study. Once approved, the client must be present in Costa Rica for the signing of the mortgage protocol at the LAFISE office in Liberia. 

Loan availability with reasonable interest rates in Costa Rica is a game changer! So many more people will be able to make their dreams a reality. Interested in more details or getting in touch with an agent at LAFISE?

There are a few Costa Rica Bank such as ScotiaBank, MuCAP. Generally very difficult to get financing via them based on numerous people's testimonials.

Here is MY airbnb in Playa Del Coco that nets about $25k US per year.
10% discount if you book with me direct. 


I have very personal connections with some of the BEST Realtors here in Costa Rica that are LICENSED and available to assist. Please reach out to one of these REPUTABLE and Licensed Realtors.


Realtor in Playa Del Coco -
Tammy Lovell

Tammy will respond in the next day or so!

Kiki Berg,
Professional and Licensed Mortgage Broker for Canada


WhatsAPP me or email me.

16 years experience and MANY Happy clients owning property here in Costa Rica

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