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Cheryl Das Rathbone

Insurance Broker for Homes, cars, vacations, boats and motorcycles



Marc Schouten, 

B.Comm, CHS

Broker - Disability/Life Insurance

Financial Planning 


A Better Choice Financial



We are dedicated to long term client relationships. With over 10 years experience in vehicle, home, motorcycle, boat, business and travel insurance, we are your trusted provider. We have access to the top insurance companies in BC and can find you the best value. We’ll do the shopping for you and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.



There are hundreds of Insurance places. The one up the road, one at the grocery store and the one you just stop in to get your car insurance from. What you may not know is they only deal with one or two different products. When I choose an Insurance broker as a referral partner, I take NO "cuts", "bonuses" or "fees" to refer them...because I look for QUALITY. Experience doesn't even matter so much. As a broker myself, I see the enormous shopping value in having brokers. They have access to all the top insurance companies in BC and can find you the best value...same as mortgages. It's ONE STOP SHOP. 



Marc Schouten is a passionate business person providing life, health and travel insurance and investment planning with a strong focus on guaranteed investment freeing his clients from the downside risk of an often turbulent stock market. His company, A Better Choice Financial, is an insurance brokerage which sources the best options for clients from the wide variety of offerings of Canadian insurers. Being able to navigate clients through the different products offered by insurers and having the experience to be able to select different insurers for particular client needs is critical to finding the best choice for a particular client. For a client with no challenges in insurability it allows them to select the lowest cost offering available but for clients who have experienced health or legal challenges it is invaluable to be able to select the best insurer for their particular situation.


Marc has travelled extensively having lived in Asia and Europe and sits as a director for an Indonesian water filtration and sanitation company. He actively participates in local and international charities as well as physical challenges having completed the 2014 Ride to Conquer Cancer, Tough Mudder as well as various long distance rides and runs.  Marc completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at UBC (now the Sauder School of Business) and holds the Certified Health Specialist designation from Advocis which certifies knowledge of disability, extended health and dental coverage, group health coverage as well as  taxation of insurance products. As well as being a busy father Marc is an avid long-distance cyclist, tennis player, sailor, begrudging runner and an accomplished cook.

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