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The BEST way to save money is to have the BEST rate!


Let us know when your mortgage will come up for renewal, and we'll send you a reminder about 120 days before, that way you can secure the best rate, and save. 

Yes, REMIND me when my
Mortgage renewal is!

Your renewal reminder is SET! Watch your emails and text messages.

Your mortgage renewal time starts about 120 days (4 months) before the end of your current mortgage contract.
THIS is the time to plan and prepare. 

  1. Review your next 5 year plan to ensure you are in the right mortgage product and Lender. There are many types of products such as the Home Equity Line of Credit, shorter term fixed rates or time to move to a variable rate.

  2. Do you require money for large purchases such as a new car, roof, renovations or family expense?

  3. We can lock in your rate 120 days before which can save you interest costs and get a better rate.

  4. There is NO COST to you to switch lenders, many lenders will pick up the cost of transfer fees and appraisals.

  5. Use our Mortgage Reminder form BELOW and we will send you a note 120 days before your renewal comes up.

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