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You need a DEPOSIT when you buy a home.

We can help with that...

When you purchase a home, you will require a deposit on the home your buying for around 5% of the purchase price (some go as high as 20% of the purchase price). 


Having access to that kind of large cash on short notice it tough, especially if all of your equity is sitting in a house that is waiting to sell. Where do you come up with $25k????  You can ask mom/dad/friends family or take out a line of credit. 


We can lend you the funds until your property closes without impacting your mortgage approval!

Lending Amounts - up to $25,000

Interest Rate - 1% monthly

Administration fee - $1000 flat fee - No additional legal fees!

3 STEPS to you 24 hour deposit loans start here:

  1. Send email to with your request with the following documents:

    • Confirmed SALE of your home and ACCEPTED offer on new home. Both contracts with subjects removed.​

    • Statement of your current mortgage 

    • Title search of your home - Your Realtor can send you that

    • Name of your Lawyer or Notary who is closing your Sale and Purchase.

    • Void Cheque

  2. Once we have received your documents, we will send you the following​

    • Assignment of Funds and Direction to Pay that is signed by your Lawyer / Notary​

    • Promissory Note

  3. Money to your account!

    • Money order is directly transferred to your personal account​

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